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also the balcony honeysuckle is starting to flower and scent the loveliest. there are three of them now, so the scent comes from all directions on warm summer evenings

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Did you know that we're working on a list of Major Changes to add to our fork?

You're welcome to provide any feedback of changes from other forks you'd like to see in #Florence

Don't forget to provide links when you do!

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LB Not only are wheelchair spikes extremely cool, these are made by an extremely cool human that I'm glad to be friends with.

He's talking about putting anti-abled spikes on other things, too, like shoulder pads for me because strangers keep trying to grab me and "help" me cross a road or go down some stairs (which, often as not, I'm halfway across anyway).

He and his partner are super cool and like most disabled people super broke so do consider this if it's relevant to your interests. 馃挍

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there are two cats inside of you and they are meowing

inside you there're two big ol puppers

they're very good doggos and they do their best

give em each a treat

Y'all have so many good recommendations! So I compiled a list:
Places to get digital music, in order of most to least likely to have my stuff / for me to use

1) Freegal

2) 7-digital

3) Bandcamp 

4) CDBaby

5) Resonate

I'm unlikely to use more than the first three, but it's super nice to have so many options that I didn't know about!! Thanks again to everyone who replied!!

What format do you prefer for reading short stories? Boosts appreciated.

This is the kind of "I 3d-printed/lasercutted a thing, do you want it" that people give me, and I love it.

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Just saw this thread about #telegram's security problems on twitter and thought I'd share it here because @switchingsocial asked for opinions yesterady:

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.