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There is a super cute looking (wip) Pico-8 fangame, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do ^^;

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Does anyone know an online tool (web, not apps) where I can create flashcards without registrations?

I need something that asks me questions in a random order for my exam preparations, but I couldn't find anything I feel comfortable with so far :/

Ich habe ein beschissen Harry Potter Synchro gemacht...

(ich kann kein deutsch)

We're at 14 sign-ups for the fourth round of the #MusicCollab ! - if you make music of any kind or genre and want to collaborate with an internet stranger, feel free to sign up:

:music_collab: 🎼 👾

You can listen to the finished songs of the past rounds here:

#Music #MastoMusic #CreativeToots

Day 15, a song I like that's a cover by another artist.

This Clara Luzia cover of Lana Del Rey's West Coast is nice I think? Not really my mood rn, but I remember liking it more than the original at one point.

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Ever wondered why computer games like Simcity and Cities Skylines will selfdestruct the towns if you raise taxes?

Here's a long read about the right wing economic theories that laid the foundation for Simcity when a logic was needed during its creation and then continues to influence game makers (and policy makers) today

(from Logic Magazine)

Yo! Mastodon! Do you want to be a cat? Do you want to live in a beautiful forest and meet other cats? Well, now you can!

#indiegames #cats #gameing

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Remind me to mew about the one interesting exception to that, later. (It is the thing with mousefrend)

Watched the third Narnia movie, for the first time, and holy heck is that christian. I thought the "Aslan is Jesus" thing was a bit much before I knew that movie, but yeah, it gets a lot less subtle than that, even.

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.