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I have seen some amazing selvedge* projects, but this remains the most popular one.

* the edges of fabric as it comes off the loom; print fabrics usually have alignment checks and text there, the pile stops or at least changes there on pile fabrics, and almost all fabrics have sprocket holes and whatnot there.

this is unprompted but its a thing i see come up sometimes and was thinking about so

hey um, reminder that artists, musicians, game devs, etc etc are allowed to advertise themselves

there’s a big difference between a multimillion-dollar corporation, and a person trying to survive capitalism

please dont treat both as if they’re the same thing

All of my tattoos were made with lemon juice so I have to be carefully held over a candle to reveal them.

Hallo #comic Masto! Gibt es hier Menschen, die mich mit aktiver Mitarbeit darin unterstützen würden, ein Jahrbuch aller in 2019 erscheinenden #indiecomics aus Deutschland (gerne auch Österreich+Schweiz) zu produzieren?

Boosts welcome, auch in andere Communities!

What are some good games/shows/books/etc that have talking animals or anthro characters and awesome worldbuilding/lore?

I'm primarily interested in worlds that are built around the cultures that talking animals would develop based on each species' needs, as opposed to things where the animals are interchangable with humans, if that makes sense.

[me squinting at sun] I want to go back to greyscale now I've seen enough colors to be touched and inspired for a while

Oh heck actually, sitting in a bus that is going through kitschy snowy forests (on a highway, but well), reading, earplugs making it seem quiet and not-humany.... is good

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Der erste Netzpolitische Abend AT im neuen Jahr - heute ab 19:30 Uhr im @metalab & im Stream!

Mit Sascha Dickel (Uni Mainz): "Bot or not? Identitätspolitik an der Grenze von Mensch und Maschine"
Sonja Waldgruber (@c3wien): "Digitale Grundbildung an Schulen"
Walter Hötzendorfer(Research Institute & @epicenter_works) und Heidi Scheichenbauer: "Post-moderner Datenhandel: Die Rechtslage" ;-)


does everyone know / have an idea of where they're going after stops? i just heard a few days ago and i wanna be sure to find everyone again

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Some #accessibility tips for meetup organizers who have no budget, a thread!

First off, tell attendees about accessibility of your venue and event ahead of time, even when it's missing. For example, "Unfortunately, there are two steps at the entrance and no ramp."

Tomorrow, 10th of January, will be the #IAmNonbinary day. If you identify as nonbinary, make a post showing off some of your creations, or just introducing yourself. And don’t forget to tag the post with #IAmNonbinary!

My strongest hate-on for "effective"-style altruism is in Indianapolis. I go there every summer.

Indianapolis has coin donation boxes which say "no one should be bullied to give a handout. give real help. give here."

If I had a different personality, I would destroy all of these with an ax.

These are against every fiber of my ethos regarding human dignity and a direct attack on the people who spend much of their time on the streets where these are posted.

I love that my knowledge of French is just enough to understand when someone yells C'EST TELLEMENT CHER on the street, but not enough to engage in any kind of conversation ever. It's very relaxing. (Unless I ever end up in a place where speaking French is necessary, I guess.)


#parenting and #writing question.

Particularly Tootplaneteers.

The Kid has been wanting to join a site like Wattpad or figment for a while. Can anyone give me an idea of what it's like, how safe, toxic it is etc?

She's in her early teens.

I don't want my overprotective instincts to hamper her interest, but at the same time I've read some horror stories. Especially re Wattpad.

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.