@tom thank!! Ich zwing mich jz zu schlafen aber morgen mach ich das zum Frühstück 🐾

I am awake cat! I was planning to go slep in like half an hour but maybe I nyoooom!!

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many years ago my dad said that sloths look like haunted coconuts and i've not been able to unsee that since

So I made a thing.

The green on this graph shows where chlorophyll b absorbs (the type mostly used by plants). You can see it catches light in two places. Near 450nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and around 650nm (in the red).

The two lines show the wavelengths emitted by LED lights. Blue is cool white and red is warm white. Both have a spike in emission around chlorophyll's blue absorption and broad emission over the red absorption.

In other words, this is why houseplants like LED lighting!

Confession: I really liked the "science side of tumblr" meme.

I don't understand how... sometimes I'm clumsy and sometimes not. How does that work?

Finde interessant, dass ich jetzt schon öfters PCOS als Basis für Inter*-Identität gelesen hab; weiß da wer mehr dazu

if you have any suggestions, bug reports, requests, or anything else, you can either send me a direct message or open a github issue: github.com/Lynnesbian/OCRbot/i

most importantly, OCRbot is *not* a substitute for captioning your images. it's imperfect, it trips up on anything but the simplest text screenshots (with basic fonts and single colour background images), and it puts the OCR output *in the replies*, meaning that people have to do an extra step to see the text output of an image.

have you ever noticed that someone post a screenshot of text without providing an image description, preventing you from being able to read it? or maybe they posted a huge amount of text that just can't possibly be described with the image description feature?

simply tag @OCRbot in a direct reply to the image. it will download the image and scan it using tesseract OCR to output the text contained in the image!

because OCRbot runs on fedi.lynnesbian.space, it has a character limit of 65535, so even the longest images should work OK!

check the reply to this image to see it parsing the attached screenshot!

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Ui ich les grad in das Eyduzine 2 rein und es ist so nett. Von einer kritischen Alternativveranstaltung zur Zürich Pride letztes Jahr.
(weil die Seite nicht immer lädt auch der Link zur Wayback Machine: web.archive.org/web/2018122119)

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.