This is the kind of "I 3d-printed/lasercutted a thing, do you want it" that people give me, and I love it.

Ok I made my computer cozier. Copied the modified sky theme from my Shitty Old Netbook (second pic) and changed it some more and decided on a @glitchbot background for now.

Now the next thing I have to do is… get a nice pastel terminal theme!
(The default theme is really pretty, but sadly a dark one, and I really prefer soft light colors on screens.)

I was supposed to do the lovers, but i kept smearing more stuff over my boring pretty-ish whatever

What kind of book am I reading. Is this about the fediverse...

(What I is All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, and I'm not yet sure if I like it.)

(trying if @OCRbot likes pics of my ereader)

I dislike what I made, but yay, i got myself to art for ! The Wheel of Fortune.

It looks like a 90s think with A Message, but sorry, I simply really wanted to make a green blob and went from there. The wheel things looked boring so I connected them? Uuuuh.

Gosh I love throwing tons of water at paper. Next time I will try paper that was actually made for that and might not do the curly thing as much! I got some today but this one was cheaper so I wanted to try it first ✨

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today I got the Chariot, and had to look up what the hell that is before I started.

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Oh hey I did it again

The card was Justice and I was like, uuuuh, but i had already skipped a bunch of "[number] of [color]" cards so I went with it.

Hello I totally arted for !
I got the sun card and I know nothing about tarot or art, but look, my tentacle sun is wrestling a stinging nettle!!

Hello, I am currently walking through the neighbourhood, ominously staring at plants

(nettles. I need nettles because our mint has lice and I want to make mint tea not louse tea, but it seems not to be nettle season yet, except for the small one that I found on our terrace.)

(I'm seeing a lot of thistles though, which makes me very happy. Also one thing that might be an orchid iirc. Also this violet on a wall. )

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Situational Softicity

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