Aaah, right, Entrapta saying "HACK THE PLANET" was another moment that I loved a lot.

Riiight I have to get all my favourite moments together of course. That's the one that made me think "heck I need ALL the fanfiction".

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Kind of into my decaffeinated instant coffee aesthetics rn!

We spontaneously decided to play Dream Askew!! But it was too spontaneous and two people fell asleep slash became too tired to decide during character creation :o Baby the Cat was disappointed that we took away the cozy paper that she was sleeping on :o But as a good dm she grumpily supported us in our decision.

I like it when things are as smol as me *goes play in the chip city*

Step 3: Use your favorite glow in the dark planet thingie to lift the keyboard.

Like?? Doesn't suspend completely block an instance?

While folding a few copies of another smol zine.

I picked up this book from my flat's shared bookshelf, "Everyday Bicycling. How to ride a bike for transportation (whatever your lifestyle)" by Elly Blue, and my scepticism caused by my crappy relationship to bikes is getting smaller by the second:

"And I wasn't always very steady on the bicycle. One time, I turned my head towards a distant sound and ended up riding into a wall. On another occasion I was standing at a red light, waiting, and just fell down in a heap with my bike on top of me."

Okay yes. Excuse the mess, was hard to fill in with paws.

The original is here:

Dear Diary! Salem the Cat does not enjoy this band called "Gallhammer" that I just learned about. I think it sounds nice.

As my room has a lorge loft bed, the original lamp was moved to the lower level where it makes more sense. But the hook is still there, so when I was looking for a place to put my speaker that isn't "the floor next to my bed", I decided to hang it..

Oh gosh now it has one paw extended. This cat is so so good.

My head is resting firmly on a big fluffy purrsleeping cat. This is wonderful

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Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.