Also Salem the Cat managed to pose in good lighting for probably the first time since I've known her! (cc @glitchbot)

Also that time when the vacuum cleaner was loud and baby accepted her fate (cc @glitchbot)

Btw Baby the Cat has been ostensibly cute recently. (cc @glitchbot because I need my kitties glitched)

Oooh I decided to play the tutorial because I wasn't sure if I still know how to play Wesnoth after all that time, and I like that Li'sar, the woman character (yeah, sadly the chracter choice is basically "guy or girl"), is wearing non-pretty non-sexualising clothes.

Ok ok! I love seeing @rhonda doing the 1 song per day thingie so I decided to bless all of you with my objectively terrible taste in music.

Image transcript (copied from tumblr and I fixed all the differences that I spotted):

I had to wait for two updates until it didn't crash when I wanted to open an article, but now that it works, Reader for Selfoss (available on F-Droid) is really pretty, and a lot nicer to use on my phone than Selfoss itself.

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Oh I forgot to post the pic! I didn't plan to, but I hunted pretty things today! A blue-purple glittery smol bag! A cat collar in human size! Black lace cat ears!

I'm finally reading Land of the Lustrous - in the German translation (Das Land der Juwelen) because it uses the neopronoun xier, as the only published text that I know of. (I know another one that uses x, also a translation... and no other one with neopronouns at all.)

Aaah, right, Entrapta saying "HACK THE PLANET" was another moment that I loved a lot.

Riiight I have to get all my favourite moments together of course. That's the one that made me think "heck I need ALL the fanfiction".

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