Ok I made my computer cozier. Copied the modified sky theme from my Shitty Old Netbook (second pic) and changed it some more and decided on a @glitchbot background for now.

Now the next thing I have to do is… get a nice pastel terminal theme!
(The default theme is really pretty, but sadly a dark one, and I really prefer soft light colors on screens.)

Other things I did were like… make the bluetooth be turned off by default. And switching the automatic screen lock off. And getting a proper simple screen locker that is not ugly and making a keybinding for it. Things that I've been procrastinating for months. :3 *enjoys sudden coziness*

Now I'm tired, but things don't look perfect yet so I am tempted to continue, which I know is probably a bad idea.

Also, on the Shitty Old Netbook, my terminal background is pastel pink, but I think I'd rather have some pastel mint green now? descioooons!! Also, Please show me your favourite pastel terminal themes so I might not hae to make one myself, I am terrible at choosing colors ^^;

but like no dark backgrounds, only pastel backgrounds *tiny kitten voice*

ok heck, pastel pink terminal backgrounds are simply the best ones, i can't change something that's perfect anyway.

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