I might take my instance down like next week or in the coming months, not sure. You can follow my old account @maunzikation over on cybre space if you want to stay in touch after that. I'm not sure if that's where I'll end up, but I'll probably return to it for a while before I figure that out.

It was fun having my own instance, but also lonely. I long to see further than my own home timeline again. And I never had the spoons to do all the cool customizations I was looking forward to.

Somehow, I imagined having my own single user instance would feel like connecting with all those huge fancy spaceships in my own van-equivalent of a space ship. But for me, it feels like sitting alone in an empty house. Which sounds a bit like depression. I might be confusing my instance with my depression. Well, whatever. Time for new bad feelings, about way too busy local timelines, or something.

Related, is there any best practice for letting an instance die? Since it's just me, I thought I'd delete my account a few days before taking the instance offline? So that other instances know that this account won't be existy anymore and don't try pointlessly?

Also, like, I might decide to still leave it for a while, so don't look forward too much to this account vanishing.

@catte there's a self-destruct tootctl command that cancels all subscriptions

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