Ok ok! I love seeing @rhonda doing the 1 song per day thingie so I decided to bless all of you with my objectively terrible taste in music.

Image transcript (copied from tumblr and I fixed all the differences that I spotted): pastebin.com/raw/EvaF6jzH

Hah, but I still have to think about that first song. A colour. I don't remember any songs with colours in the title, I think.

Okay, I'm keeping it simple and going with the first one I remembered. Day 1, a song that I like with a colour in the title, is Pynk by Janelle Monáe.

(CW for sex & intimate bits.)


Day 2, a song I like with a number in the title, is Marie Antoinette Robot 2073 by Sophe Lux.

A internet person once showed me Sophe Lux when I was shitposting about Lou Salomé back when I still read uni stuff, because there's also a song that's called that.


Day 3, a song that reminds me of summertime.

This one is hard. There are many that vaguely remind me of summer, but none that do so a lot-lot.

Anyway, I'll go with Skateaway by Dire Straits. It practically smells like warm asphalt at night.


Day 4, a song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget. Also, it is technically already past midnight. How fitting.

It was hard to decide, but actually? That shitty techbro that I used to date totally ruined Dota for me, which makes him forgetworthy. Have a cute song. It reminds me of an asshole and I usually skip it when it comes up. 💙

Dota – Alles Du, alles Dur

Day 5, a song that needs to be played loud.

Oh gosh, imo a lot of music is better the louder you play it. So the choice is a bit random.

Zoë Keating – Exurgency

Zoë Keating was the first time I found music to Cat Reset myself I think? A Cat Reset is the myth that if you confuse your cat with multiple types of sensory input, it will forget which (annoying) thing it was doing. I sometimes call it cat resetting myself when I listen to music loudly after a humany thing.

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Day 7, a song to drive to.

I don't drive, but when I'm in cars with people, I really appreciate music that is at least a tad awkward. So my pick is a song that I hecking hecking like, and that is very catchy, but that I also feel a bit uneasy about:

Kimya Dawson – Loose Lips
(CN: mentions self harm and suicide, in a way that makes me cringe a little.)

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Day 9, a song that makes me happy.

I rediscovered a bunch of those yesterday, but I'll go with one that I'd have considered pretty embarrassing back when it was new.

Juli – Perfekte Welle

Day 10, a song that makes me sad.
Posted… after midnight, but before sleep, because I don't want to listen to sad music tomorrow.

It's hard to spot sadness, it's way easier to spot hurt and being-thrown-into-screaming-feelings, and most songs that make me sad also hurt in other ways. I came up with 3 potential candidates:

Wir sind Helden – Flucht in Ketten

Sookee – Warten Auf

Florence + The Machine – Sky Full Of Song

Ah, well, that song that I posted as "oooh I missed that for day 9" disqualifies itself by using an antiziganist slur for ~uuuh we're so interesting~ points. Deleted that.

Uuuuuh I kind of forgot about this. Sooo. Day 11, a song that I never get tired of.

I guess "I occasionally listen to this on repeat for hours" counts?

Pretty Balanced – My Mind is a Box

And day 12, a song from my preteen years.

There wasn't really a lot of music around me when I was a kid. But a friend gave me this one Britney Spears album for my birthday. I think I mostly liked it back then? So I was expecting to still like it. I didn't. All the catchy melodies that I remembered were hidden in kind of annoying noisy stuff? Half way through, I was pretty angry at everything.

Only one song was almost as nice as I remembered it, and that was "Lucky".


Day 13, a song I like from the 70s.

I guess there are many… but I chose "Diamonds and Rust" by Joan Baez.


Also, day 14, a song I'd love to be played at my wedding.

I… don't really intend to marry anyone, ever, other than possibly out of some sort of necessity. Soooo I don't really have songs for that.

There is, however, a song that made me kitschy feelings about other people's kitschy things, and that's "Try Again At Everything" by Rae Spoon.

Day 15, a song I like that's a cover by another artist.

This Clara Luzia cover of Lana Del Rey's West Coast is nice I think? Not really my mood rn, but I remember liking it more than the original at one point.



Day 16, a song that's a classic favourite.

I'm going to interpret this as "a song older than 10 years that everyone and their puppy likes", and I choose… Nirvana – Come As You Are


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