The way I currently use mastodon:

– this account here for tooting cautiously to whoever wants to read it (beware, it is on my own instance which I will probably destroy one day)
@maunzikation as where I'll probably toot cautiously to whoever wants to read it once I have destroyed my own instance
@cybrecatte for when "whoever wants to read it" is not the audience I want or need, where I cautiously toot less cautiously
– and that one whump account, I'll point you to it if you like whump

I need a lot of softness and hiding, so the public accounts are a bit empty as of now. I feel conflicted about seperating myself that way, but on the other hand, if cat wants to hide, it hides, and it doesn't owe anyone an interesting feed or anything. Sometimes, more things can be public, sometimes more things have to be frends-only, that's just how cattes work.

Also, I don't like any of my current avatars, but I don't like my ideas for avatars either.

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.