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*ears twitching nervously* Hello, I think my compiler is haunted?

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The way I currently use mastodon:

– this account here for tooting cautiously to whoever wants to read it (beware, it is on my own instance which I will probably destroy one day)
@maunzikation as where I'll probably toot cautiously to whoever wants to read it once I have destroyed my own instance
@cybrecatte for when "whoever wants to read it" is not the audience I want or need, where I cautiously toot less cautiously
– and that one whump account, I'll point you to it if you like whump

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Hey folks using ! I have a new feature. Search!

*Because I believe in privacy-first design, you have to opt in to search.*

If you're logged in, you can go to and add aliases, names someone might know you by and try to search for you under. You can also flip the "include me in search" toggle if you wanna be searchable.

All your aliases will show up on your profile, so, y'know, only include that really embarrassing one if you wanna.

Let's talk about how @noelle is literally what's keeping going, yet she can't afford to survive

Yet if you ask her about it she STILL has nice things to say about Eugen and the platform

She deserves your funding. Pls give money directly to her

It has aged a bit, but I still feel like this Radioactive/What does the fox say mashup is good and important, because it goes

big blue eyes, pointy nose?!
it's a revolution I suppose!!

which always makes me wonder, since when do foxes have blue eyes? but also, yes fox noses!! I support that!!

I have to remind myself of it periodically.

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Aaaah, eine Amazonbestellung ist leer angekommen, aber ein Mitbewohni hat es angenommen :s miiiieh

War zwar nix teures, aber miieh.

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Aber wo wir schon mal bei #Barrierefreiheit hier auf #Mastodon sind, hat wer von Euch ne Idee, wie ich als Blinder im normalen Webinterface einen Thread lesen kann? Die liebe @kvinna und ich bekommen das nicht hin. Bei Pinafore geht es.

ad plant terrariums: "Victorians could now grow ferns despite their homes being filled with poisonous fumes which would normally kill these types of plants" (says
source please?? This is wonderful. I love it.

"Die Grünlilie lässt sich beliebig oft vermehren, deshalb wird sie gerne unter Freunden weitergegeben." netter Euphemismus für "alle haben zu viel davon und wollen sie los werden" ^^;

Sudden need to make glass jar terrariums 🌱🥀💚👾

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Please source the art that you use
You'll be doing everyone a favor

Those who like what they see can find the artist and see more of their work, and the artist will receive more views as a result

the open nature of the fedi makes asking about specific things feel weird when you're used to a forum setting for that

on a forum you get structure and road signs that tells you exactly where you need to be for the thing you're looking for

on fedi you slide your house window open and yell your question thru a bullhorn

a fox trotting down the sidewalk at 4:20 in the morning yells back the answer

I want a domesticated haunted house.
It moves things around, but it sorts thing.
It writes things on walls and mirrors, but its reminders and encouragement.
It's bigger on the inside and moves the rooms around to be helpful.
Instead of blowing up the lightbulbs it charges your smartphone and helps you cut down your electricity bill.

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I want a blanket but the cats are sleeping on them and I don't want to hurt their feelings.

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Situational Softicity

Just my personal scratchpost. I might be willing to share if we already know each other.